Welcome to Denver's smallest and most welcoming place to move your body! 

If you are like so many folks who are ready to get off the hamster wheel of restrictive diets and crazy workout videos but don't quite know where to start, you are in the right place. I help people reconnect to themselves. You know, the YOU that moves your body because it feels good, not because you are trying to punish it into a smaller size. The YOU that isn't swayed by societal messages that you are not thin enough, attractive enough, active enough, or happy enough. The you that can listen to the unique needs of your own body; after all, you are the ONLY expert on your own body. 

As a body positive personal trainer and health coach I believe that health and strength are available to EVERYbody no matter your background, size, shape, abilities or financial situation. I believe that functional and natural movements are the key to health and reconnecting with our bodies. I want to teach you how to move a barbell safely, how to balance, swing, crawl, and jump. I want for you to feel comfortable and confident in your skin, and to be able to radiate that strength to those around you.  

I love working out with Whitney and seeing what new things I can make my body do. And on top of all that, I really enjoy the privacy and focus her gym provides. It feels personal and comfortable, which I really appreciate. I’m super thankful to have found her, she’s kind of amazing. =)
— Cristina S
Whitney is awesome. No judgment at all but focus on a positive outlook for my body. I love how she challenges my functional movements. Especially on my form with those extra inches to push me harder.
— Joanna L.
If you’re in Denver and looking to workout without that gross gym vibe, to work with someone who is upbeat yet down to earth, and you’re more interested in getting strong and feeling good than losing weight, GO SEE WHITNEY! I’ve learned how to move my body throughout the day in ways I didn’t before. I just did a dead bug tabata while my seven month old played on the floor next to me! I really can’t recommend the Alley Gym enough.
— Elizabeth E

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