About the gym

After working with personal training clients in their homes since 2015, The Alley Gym was excited to finally have its very own home in early 2017. This humble backyard garage gym is outfitted with everything that you find in a traditional gym space, but comes with the personalization and community that can only be found when working one-on-one or in partners. The programming is tailored to YOU without the cost of a one-to-one trainer which is financially inaccessible to so many. The Alley Gym is here to help everyBODY learn to move safely, efficiently, and confidently. 

About the owner

I'm Whitney, a personal trainer, board certified health coach, Postnatal Fitenss Specialist, habits coach, middle school teacher, parent, partner, and a real person who understands the challenges and obstacles that life throws our way.

I spent nearly three decades feeling uncomfortable in my skin. I was never pretty enough, thin enough, outgoing enough, popular enough. I constantly questioned myself and my worth even through early adulthood. I cycled through phases of massive restriction only to fall face first into a batch of cookies that I would polish off by myself and hide the evidence that they ever existed. The binge/restrict cycle didn't just show up in my eating habits though. I had the same pattern when it came to my workouts. I would go hard and hit up the gym every day for an hour for a month, then not show my face there for another three months. Binge and restrict. Over and over and over again.

And then I got pregnant. 

I knew somewhere deep down that I didn't want to raise a child that was constantly chasing a number on the scale or counting calories like I had spent so many years doing. I knew that I had more to offer this world than trying to be attractive to strangers and absolutely knew that I wanted my own child to value her gifts more than her physical appearance. I learned how to cultivate strength and function and let go of needing to be small. I fell in love with what my body could DO. 

My mission in life is to teach humans that they are stronger than they think they are. With physical strength comes a whole shift in our mindset and it is such a beautiful thing to witness in my clients. You’ll hear me say it a million times: something can be difficult AND you can do it. Take up space. Get loud. Be big. Face obstacles head on and stand your ground.

I'm so grateful to have you here in my little corner of the internet and I hope to be a part of your journey.


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