Pay What You Can

I have put a lot of time and effort to become the coach and trainer that I am today. I have spent years studying, thousands of dollars to meet the requirements to be a certified Health Coach and Personal Trainer, traveled to attend conferences, and endless energy constantly bettering myself. I am a health and fitness professional and damn good at what I do.

I have watched colleagues in my field raise their prices, and then raise them again. No doubt there are people that make a whole lot more than I do. But it's not because they are better equipped to change your life and your health. I keep my prices where they are because I feel strongly that health should be available to everyone; it is not something that is reserved for the wealthy. I offer a variety of different ways to work together to meet your needs and price point, but even then, I realize that there are many people who are really ready to make a change in their life, but cannot afford to hire me as their health coach or personal trainer. 

For those of you, I would like to introduce Pay What You Can sessions.

This is for you if you are really prepared to make changes in your life, but aren't sure where to start and you recognize that you need the help of a professional. But, that professional help is out of reach due to finances. I reserve space on my calendar for one PWYC client each month. This means that one hour each week is set aside just for you. You can't afford my full rate, but maybe you can afford half. Or a quarter. Or maybe nothing one week, but 75% the next. This hour is reserved for you to get the help that you need while paying what fits within your budget. These PWYC are offered up for 6-week cycles to an individual before I take the next person on the wait list.  

If this is something that speaks to you, let's chat. Just pop your information into the form below, and I will get back to you within 24 hours. If you're committed to creating a better life your you and your family, I'd love to work with you, no matter what sort of income you make. 

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