Personal training, made accessible for all!

Personal training is one of those things that everyone would benefit from, but people don't know it yet. After years of managing a local gym and training my own clients, I've learned what works, what doesn't, and how to best support you in feeling like the bad ass that you are. For the Alley Gym, this means that I want to really know the people that I train. I want to know your dogs name, which knee is creaky, and what movements bring a smile to your face. I'm not interested in running large classes or shuttling people through a workout; I want this to change your life. This community is important to me and I want every person that joins our space to feel the love.

All that lovey-dovey stuff aside, I also know that most people don't have the opportunity to experience personal training because it is cost prohibitive. So, I set up a space and a system that makes this level of personalization more accessible to the average person. (and pssst, if it's still out of reach, give me a shout. From the depths of my soul I believe that health is for every body so we will chat and see if there's something we can work out). 

Sounds like you're in the right place? Cool, here are the details.....


What's in it for me? 

What I offer at The Alley Gym is completely personalized attention and programming to achieve your goals in this season of your life. Not some program that was written for thousands of people to complete, but I actually sit down and program each month for you based on your progress from the previous month, any injuries you have, your preferred level of intensity, your favorite movements, and your big picture goals. On top of that, all clients are welcome to come in for an additional free sit down “strategy session” to chat about what’s working, what’s not, and how to bridge the gap. I am by your side every step of this process to support you in whatever ways you need to be successful. 

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How much does it cost? 

No registration fees, no monthly membership, just pay for the sessions you will use. We will sit down together and map out the upcoming month and I will send you an invoice at the beginning of the month for you sessions. Your invoice can be paid for in up to four installments.  

What if I really want to workout at The Alley Gym but it’s just not in the budget?

Signing up for personal training is no joke and I don’t take it lightly that it is a big financial commitment. If this is something that you are committed to but it’s outside of the budget, reach out and we’ll work something out. Whether I create programming for you to complete at home, we work on a sliding scale, or find a creative solution, I gotcha.

When can I come in? 

Fall Availability

Wednesday- 11am

Thursday- 8:30, 9:30, and 10:30am

Friday- 11am and 2pm

Saturday- 8:00am weekly and 9:00am is available for 2 sessions per month

What if I have to miss a session?

Life happens! I promise my feelings won't be hurt. At the beginning of each month, we will sit down and look at your schedule so that I can try to accommodate any days that you need to switch around. We can reschedule sessions with 12 hour notice but all sessions still must be used within 30 days of the cancellation. Any cancellations that happen within 12 hours of your start time are a full forfeit. If you are working out with a partner, you can reschedule your session as a group, but I cannot accommodate individual makeup sessions. All clients must attend sessions a minimum of two times per month. When in doubt, just ask! We're all human here and open communication is key. 

What does a typical session look like?

All sessions are 50 minutes long and start with a warm up, some skill work (barbell, balance beam, rope climb, and other specific skills) and then a couple rounds of heart pumping movements. The beauty of these personalized sessions is that I know exactly who will be in class so I will be programming around your specific goals, skills, and struggles. It's all about you baby!  

Can you help me with sleep, stress, home workouts, and life outside the gym?

Your hour or three at the gym with me will give you the foundation from which to build. You will learn proper form, technique, and skills to prevent injury and get a great workout. I am there to hold your hand through new movements and open your eyes to new ideas. Don't forget there are 10,080 minutes in a week though! This is what makes The Alley Gym truly unique. To work through all the other opportunities you have in your life to build health, I pull from my training as a board certified Health Coach. 

As a member of The Alley Gym, you will receive three home workouts each month along with bi-weekly email check-ins. In addition, every client is welcome to book in for a free 30-minute Strategy Chat. We can sit down and talk about what’s working, what’s not, and how to bridge the gap between the two. Or we can talk about your dog and your funny neighbor. Whatever! There is real power in sitting down and talking with a real human about real life though.

I'd love to workout with you but I live in Timbuktu!

First of all. Awesome, expect a house guest pronto. Second, let's talk about virtual training. We schedule sessions and meet virtually using a program called You will be able to see me to explain movements and direct the pacing, and I can see you to check your form and keep you moving. Payments, scheduling, cancellations, everything, runs exactly the same as an in-person session, but you are joining me from the comfort of your own living room, office, or garage. I will create your program based on the equipment you have available to you, although I recommend a minimum of a set of dumbbells and a resistance band.  Virtual training is great for people who travel for work, live outside of Denver but are looking for a body positive trainer, or simply can't or don't want to leave the house. 

Ready to sign up?

Your first step is to come in for a free intro session so I can learn more about you and all your awesomeness. Fill out this form or give me a call at 720-891-4811 to set up a time. 

We'll spend an hour together so I can answer any questions you have, learn a bit about your background, and walk you through some foundational movements.  

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