Already have access to a gym at work on equipment in your living room? Or maybe strapped for time or cash? Check out Online Training with The Alley Gym!

Online training is a great option for folks that live far away, like the affordability of the online platform, or already have an accountability system and access to equipment. However, after testing and trying things out of the years, I’ve realized that it is a non-negotiable for me to be able to see and interact with you in real-time. So while our training will be done completely virtually, we will meet for a video chat at least once a month to check in, with the option to set up weekly chats. Your workouts will be programmed for YOU. Your body, your likes and dislikes, your available equipment, your schedule and your goals.


What’s in it for me?

As someone who still feels like an outsider in the gym, I strongly believe that everyone should have access to a trainer and coach that can teach you how to move safely and help you to feel confident and competent in whatever activities you choose to pursue. Movement is essential to a well-functioning body but creating that foundation and habit can be overwhelming. I also know that personal training is expensive and potentially cost/time/location prohibitive for many. While I do everything that I can to make it affordable to as many folks as possible, it’s not enough. In this amazing age of technology, we now have options to work together, provide you with empathetic coaching and personalized training, and help you reach your personal goals using the world wide web.


How much does it cost?

We have options for once monthly video chats and weekly calls. We can use these 30-minute calls to check your form, workout in real time, or strategize how to make it all work within your life. It’s all about you. In addition to our virtual chats, you will get two new personalized workouts each week via an amazing platform with video tutorials, calendar, and space for comments and check-ins. But really what you get in an anti-diet, size-inclusive cheerleader in your corner rooting you on and supporting you to feel your best.

Fine print details please

Everything else about online training works exactly as it does with my in-person folks. Invoice will go out the first Monday of the month. You can pay in installments. No contracts or mumbo-jumbo. Cancel a video call with at least 12 hours notice and we can reschedule without issue. Cancellations that fall within the 12 hour window are considered a forfeit. I adore you and think you’re awesome and my only regret is that I can’t high-five you though our computer screens.